Watch Brad (Lorenzo Bread) and Benny (Adolfo) navigate through relationships while getting into hilarious situations. Benny is the hopeless romantic who’s fidelity is tested when his long time girlfriend Bri (Tiana Block) has to travel for work. Brad initiates a bet to challenge Benny, in time Benny meets Nina (Rudee Partee) and remember what it’s like to share positive energy with someone.

The Co-Signer is an action packed martial art film that stars new comers Lorenzo Bread as “Kane”and Solominati as “Mark” After serving time in prison Mark makes a conscious decision now that he’s out of prison to change his life for the better. Things start to take a twist when Mark starts to fight off local goons demanding payment from his buddy Rich. Kane demands his money!

Vics’ (Adolfo ) life couldn’t get any worse, he was recently fired from his job after a verbal altercation with his manager then he returns home only to find a notice to vacate on his apartment door for unpaid rent. To his surprise his marijuana smoking roommate Leroy (Swordz) failed to pay the rent after the money was given to him so they decided they must do whatever it takes legal or illegal.

Home boys Jon Jon (Swordz) and Reggie (J Pitt ) are two small time street hustlers looking to make a come up through a Jamaican connection, eventually leading to make a lot of money. Events unfold only to find out there is no loyalty in greed.

Pipe Dreams

Web Series

Pipe dreams is a high energy comedy that takes place in your everyday smoke shop. Watch Hector, Bobby and Phil as they get into all types of laugh out loud situations